Blocked From Entry?

 Do You Feel Like You are Being Blocked from Entry? 


Have you ever gone somewhere expecting to be allowed entrance only to be told at the door that you are not allowed to enter? You may have gone to a show or a doctor’s appointment with a family member. It can be disappointing or distressing. I imagine it is always frustrating.  


While emotional healing prayer is available to all people through Jesus Christ, sometimes people may face hindrances that keep them from entering into a healing experience and draw the conclusion they are getting a NO from God.  

I do not always know why this happens, but I have a few theories. I’ve experienced these hindrances myself and so I assume that one or more of these may apply to someone else who gets nothing out of a healing prayer session. 


So here are the top eleven reasons, in random order, that I don’t get healing: 


  1. I don’t look for it. It’s easy to forget in the midst of pain that there may be healing available while we are in it. It is my hope that you will look for healing even when you are in great emotional pain. If at first you don’t find it, keep looking. It’s not about having enough faith. It’s more about persisting in your search. There are so many different ways that God uses to offer healing that you may find which one works if you keep seeking.  
  1. I don’t want it. Either I feel justified in my pain or wear it as a badge of honour. This happens when I am offended by someone. Blaming the offender for hurting doesn’t really lend itself to peace and freedom. I have to give up my anger to receive the healing from the offence.  
  1. I feel like I am dishonouring someone else by giving up my pain. This happens quite often when I am grieving the loss of a loved one. For a season, this is actually a healthy kind of pain based on the truth of a loss. It’s ok to grieve for a time. Even when I am glad for their sakes that they are now pain free and with the Lord, I may still hang onto some grieving long after they’ve died if there is unfinished business that I didn’t get to do with them while they were alive. When my grief goes on for years, there may be some healing the Lord wants to offer. 
  1. I don’t believe the Lord will deal with “that” pain because the cause was my own fault. This is not from the Lord. This kind of attitude is just the kind of thing the Lord would love to help us with. When I confess my sins, He is faithful and just to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9). God willingly forgives a sincere confession and offers healing as well. 
  1. I don’t recognize the way God is trying to communicate with me or help me. God uses a variety of methods to make healing possible and He deals with each person and each situation differently. I’ve had to open my mind to new possibilities. God often demonstrates His love in different ways than I am expecting. Persistence pays off when learning to hear His voice in a new way. 
  1. I don’t have the kind of help I need. Very often I need a prayer partner to receive the healing I am seeking. This is very common in my own life. The Lord doesn’t always let me work alone. It is common for me to want to withdraw when I am hurting. This is part of the process for me. While getting healing, I am also learning to remain in community and stay connected to the body.  
  1. It’s not a good time. Sometimes there are situations when you just can’t stop doing what you are doing to get your prayer. Sometimes when I am praying for someone else, I get triggered because they are getting prayer for something that I am familiar with and have not yet had healing for. I can’t stop their prayer session on my account. When this happens, I’ve learned to ask the Lord to cover that pain and hold it for me so that I can stay in relationship with the person I am praying with. He will bring me to a place of peace at a more opportune time. This is also true in the case of a traumatic experience. Sometimes there are other things that need to be dealt with before I can focus on emotional healing. 
  1. I’m not in a spiritual position to be healed. There have been seasons in my life when I was knowingly in sin. At those times I’m in rebellion to God and am not listening anyway.   
  1. Illness can make hearing harder. When a person is really sick or in physical pain, it is much harder to listen to anyone because it takes so much energy to focus on recovery. When this happens, I’ve learned to focus on my physical body until it is well. It’s a lot easier to receive healing when I’m not ill or in agony. 
  1. Under the influence of mind altering drugs or alcohol. I’ve not taken illegal drugs and I’ve never been drunk, but I’ve had mind altering drugs given to me after surgery. During that time, I was not in my right mind and therefore could not feel pain of any kind, physical or emotional, and I felt invincible.   
  1. The Lord is waiting for the timing to be right. Sometimes healing comes when, where and how the Lord determines. It is simply a waiting period and we learn that it isn’t about us. Pain is not always a bad thing even though it hurts.   



These do not cover every reason, but I have found them to be common to many of those I pray with as well as myself. I’ve experienced enough healing by now to know that it is well worth the effort to overcome some of these obstacles to seek the healing I need. The Lord can handle it all and help us get through those things that try to resist His presence in our lives. Asking for help is a good thing. It’s ok to wait on Him until you are ready. Ultimately, healing is in the Lord’s hands. However, when we cooperate with Him we sometimes manage to speed up the process. 


My prayer for you is that if you know you would like healing but see a reason listed above that might prevent you from hearing directly from God, that you will seek His face and inquire of Him. He will lead you and show you if there is anything that you can do to cooperate with Him better, or if it is just time to rest in Him and wait. 


There’s a wonderful song out there by Casting Crowns on their Thrive album called Just Be Held. This has been a most healing producing song I’ve heard recently. Check it out and experience a new view of the God who Heals. 

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